There are many reasons to join a sorority, all of which are important and personal to each individual woman. The best way to start the process is by looking inward. You have to know and understand what your reasons are for joining the sorority and what you hope to gain once you are a member. It is also important to know what you would bring to the organization, the characteristics that your believe to be your strengths as well as the interests you have and are passionate about.  Because women have such different interests, there are many sisterhoods available.  If becoming a member of a sorority is what you want, you should look for an organization that will closely match what you stand for as a person.

A mistake many women make in deciding whether to join, or not join, a sorority is basing their decision on what a friend has to say about the organization. Becoming a part of a sisterhood is a lifelong commitment; therefore, making the right choice for you is very important. Do your own research and compare the organizations you think you would like to join. Try to interact with current members, attend events, and gather as much information as possible. Make sure you ask questions regarding the membership process as well as what the organization stands for and the endeavors (i.e. charitable causes, community service, etc.) they support.

If you are looking to bring a new chapter to your campus or region, make sure you contact the National Board of the organization to better understand the expansion process. You want to ensure that you know all the steps necessary. Be sure that all of your questions are answered and that you have adequate support from the organization as you embark on your journey.

Sometimes friends may try to pressure you into joining their sorority simply because they are part of the organization. If a sisterhood does not feel right, do not force it.  A true friend will understand and respect your decision to refrain from joining her sorority. You can still be great friends even if you are not sorority sisters.

Joining a sisterhood can be a very enriching experience if you do it for the right reasons and with the organization that best fits you. 

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