"Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. Is an organization that stands for what I believe in, that is dedicated to give back to the community, to develop academic excellence and that strives to empower Latinas and women in general. A dedicated and Phenomenal family." Sandra Arias
"DTL is truly a one-of-a-kind organization that not only talks the talk, but walks it-phenomenally! DTL is a group of dedicated women who understand how important the empowerment of Latinas, women of color and women in general is in this world!" Iris Perez
"I also joined DTL because I wanted to meet new people. This sorority offered women of many different races and ethnicity's as well as women who are trustworthy." Natalie Donn
"DTL has been a part of me since I was 14 years old. I had the opportunity to be around strong and successful women. To us girls who didn't have any positive things happening in our "hood," hanging out with the women of DTL was the highlight of EVERTHING! It is like a dream come true to finally be a sister of Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. "Crestcencia Ortiz
"I saw a group of women who stand together as one. I saw a group of women who would always support each other, NO MATTER WHAT. I saw a group of women who I could trust and tell my most private thoughts without being judged. I saw in this group of women, women who I admire and who I aspire to be like." Delfina Bonilla-Cassel
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