We are very concerned about the dropout rate of Latinas in the US. As a result we established Tau Lambdas. This mentorship group serves to support Latinas in high school to prevent them from permanently leaving school.

 In association with local high schools, members work with young Latinas and young women in structured activities to specifically address issues around Academics/ Career and Community Service.

 Mission Statement

 To promote higher education among Latina high school students through academic achievement, career-oriented activities, and community service.


 Academic/Career: To encourage young women to strive for success using education as their tool.

 Community Service: To encourage and reinforce the importance of serving the community.

 The Alpha chapter at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor established the first Tau Lambda group after being awarded a grant from Youth Venture: a program that aims to support youth initiative by helping them launch and direct social ventures. The grant was the catalyze for the implementation of Tau Lambda at Ypsilanti High School in Ypsilanti, MI.  

Tau Lambda is a program targeted to Latinas, but is open to all women who identify as women of color.  We strive to promote in these young women a desire to further pursue an education, so that they might use their knowledge and wisdom as a tools to expand cultural horizons and to inspire unity among the Latino communities in and around the United States. 

 Members of Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. coordinate weekly mentoring sessions at a local high school with Tau Lambda participants. Activities include: college entrance advising and assistance, discussions and debates about issues within the Latino communities in the United States, and community service. Both the Epsilon Chapter in Tampa, FL  and the Delta Lambda Chapter in Hillsboro, OR are currently in the process of implementing the program. Please feel free to contact the Alpha Chapter, the Epsilon Chapter, and/or the Delta Lambda Chapter by emailing us at alpha@deltataulambda.org, epsilon@deltataulambda.org, or deltalambda@deltataulambda.org.

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