Esteem Parents,

Joining a sorority is a big step in your daughter’s life. Becoming a member of a sisterhood is a lifelong commitment; therefore finding the right organization is important. We feel there are a few things she should do in order to find the sorority that best suits her.

Encourage your daughter to:

♦  Attend programs and events sponsored by the organization(s) she is
     interested in;
♦  Advise her to interact on a personal level with members of the sorority she
    seeks membership in;
♦  Ask her to collect information and brochures to learn what they stands for
     and work towards;
♦  Review the mission, purpose and charitable causes of the organization to
     ensure they are a good match her beliefs;
♦  Consider what she hopes to obtain and accomplish once she
     becomes a member of the organization.

Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc. strives to make a difference in our communities through community service, empowerment and uplifting women and young people. We see ourselves as role models for younger Latinas and women of color. We value the power of education and believe that through education, one can turn dreams into realities! We want to ensure that young women and men who desire to go to college are able to do so; to this extent we share of ourselves and of our experiences in an effort to lead them to greatness.

We are predominately a Latina sorority. However, our sisterhood is comprised of a diverse group of women. It is through this diversity that we have grown an as organization. We give our time and money to contribute to charitable causes as well as our scholarship which we founded in 1995.

We invite you to look through our site to learn more about our organization. If you have any questions as a parent of an interested woman please do not hesitate to contact us at DTL-info@deltataulambda.org. We always love an opportunity to further discuss our organization and endeavors.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Inc.

National Board

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