I was born and raised in Chicago: the youngest of 5 children.  I graduated from the University of Michigan in the spring of 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Latino Studies and a minor in Sociology.  During my time at the U of M she was very involved with the Latino community as well as the African American community.

Since October of 1996, Maria has been working for a non-profit organization--Junior Achievement of Chicago (JAC)--who educates and inspires young people to value the free enterprise system, business and economics to improve the quality of their lives through hands-on curriculum to kindergarten through twelfth grade students.

Maria is in the process of completing her Master’s degree at DePaul University in Sociology with a focus on intergroup relations, education and community development.

Why did you create DTL:

I founded Delta Tau Lambda Sorority because I wanted to be part of an organization that could empower, motivate, develop, educate, and love Latina women. I wanted to create an organization where the women could support one another through good and bad times.

Things I would want my Sorors to know about me:

I am a focused hard worker on anything I am dedicated to both professionally and personally.  I am a Tia/Great Tia/Godmother of 16 kids ranging from ages 3 through 12 years.  Depending on the situation, I can be sensitive.  I am a very conscious person and think through my actions and implications before I do anything.   I love to dance salsa…

Advice I would give to my Sorors:

Always be true to yourself and never stop dreaming!  Stay in touch with the world around you…read the paper daily and keep up with current events it will help you in so many ways.  Network, network, network…you can never do enough networking in life with each other but also with others.  Always try to build collaborations to break down barriers. 

Influential woman(en) in your Life:

The influential women in my life are my mother: Raquel Ramos, my sisters: Sandra M. Ruiz and Wanda I. Reyes, my grandmother: Victoria Ramos, my aunts: Ines Abreu and Justina Abreu.  All these women continue to inspire me everyday with their strength, love, dedication, tenacity, leadership, and passion.

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